Web Design

Miscellaneous Designs


Here's a variety of shirt, poster, and advertising designs I've done over the years. At the right is a postcard for the musician Makana, done in 2003.

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The Sixth International
World-Wide Web Conference


I produced the poster, proceedings cover, and assorted marketing materials for the conference. The poster included 60 screen shots of actual Web sites from that year, put on a map where each server was located and connected according to the actual Internet backbone map.

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(Internet Commerce Division)


From 1996 to 1997 I worked with the Marketing department at VeriFone to create newspaper ads, trade show booth art, mouse pads, pens, luggage tags, and corporate slide presentations. The ad on the right was designed for grayscale and one spot color and ran in a number of major newspapers.

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Honolulu Community College


The HCC campus map on the right is the first image on the Web to use imagemap (multiple clickable regions), produced in January 1993. During this time I also developed a new campus logo and numerous pog designs. The HCC site was probably the first Web site to use either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to produce Web graphics.

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