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July 21, 2003
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"Discontented Americans Consider Canada"
At CNN, 75% of those polled said they'd move if they disagreed with their country's policies:
However, note that every year since 1977 there have been more Canadians moving to the US than vice-versa.
When 70% of a population of 11 million have high-speed net access, how does that affect the culture? Here's how it's affecting Korea...
Reading the wrong thing in public gets man in trouble with the FBI:
This is the article he read in public:
Just released last month, Second Life is perhaps the closest thing to wide-scale cyberspace today. A journalist is covering its own culture as it evolves:
Status report: there have been almost 7 million hits on the Star Wars Kid page, 38 cloned videos, and 3 more currently in the making. Hopefully people will scrape up enough to buy him an iBook (up to $1500 so far):
Making the rounds of instant netpop fame are these two hapless Korean teenagers singing in a video karaoke booth:
I'm sure you've seen this satire already:
But still "up to five Americans per day" are waiting in London hotel rooms to meet people about "liberating funds" (12/2002):
Someone's been collecting all the scam letters:
...I'm really tempted to write a program that automatically generates your own Nigerian Email Scam Letter, but I don't think my server could handle the bandwidth.
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