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March 15 to 21, 2004
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Well, this is really late but I've been busy developing the Web site for Soullenz Gallery - check it out:
Modern Life
Three out of four Americans have access to the Internet!
Books on how having more choices makes you unhealthy and unhappy:
Office workers are exposed to more germs from phones and keyboards than toilet seats:
"Adult diabetes now destroying young lives"
It's emerging as a serious childhood health threat in Australia, likely with other European and Western societies to follow:
"The Dunbar Number as a Limit to Group Sizes"
Due to biological and technological constraints, there is an optimum number to group sizes. Some fascinating discussion about group dynamics, community building, bureaucracy, and organizations:
New Tech
Google Local Search
Search local businesses and services with Google!
There is NO excuse not to buy a PC (non-laptop) larger than a shoebox any more. Anything larger is wasteful, ugly, energy and noise polluting. Here's the Nanode, the first Nano-ITX-based PC:
One quarter of cell phones in 2004 will include a camera:
Samsung introduces the first 2-megapixel camera phone:
Somebody market this, quick! A professor creates a small cheap noise cancellation unit that decreases computer fan noise. Although this technology is available in many headphones, nobody to date has made a portable, small noise cancellation unit for PC fans or other localized noise sources.
Anti-vandal technology has been installed that detects spray can sounds. Of course, once the above device is marketed, you can circumvent this with silent spray cans:
The swoosh of wind turbines makes locals report ghosts. Again, noise cancellation technology may alleviate that:
"Make Global Warming an Issue", by Walter Cronkite:
Dasani bottled water pulled from all shelves in the UK after large amounts of a carcinogen is found in it:
A steep decline in "birds, butterflies and native plants" in Britain is alarming scientists:
The Government and You
Although silly bills are introduced all the time, this one's a whopper: "To allow Congress to reverse the judgments of the United States Supreme Court"
This was pretty popular - Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld caught red-handed on TV lying about one of his statements regarding Iraq:
"Shocking" videos of closed-door meetings show Diebold (electronic voting machines manufacturer) representatives mention that data gets lost, machines are not certified, and that things generally just don't always work:
A Diebold (Windows-based) ATM crashes and gives everyone free access:
Beautiful, free, colored 19th-century artwork of biological forms:
Apple sells 50 million songs over the Internet:
Some independent music stores are finding that "file sharing can help create a buzz online that can lead to more sales":
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