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March 29 to April 5, 2004
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"Nude women have been on the menu at The Sutler for years, but the Nashville pub covered up the 19th-century Victorian photos after being warned they might be too racy for state law."
Do you not find it funny that nipples are also prohibited on TV, but charred bodies are OK?
"The Molvania Tourists Rarely Get to See"
Have you been to Molvania, the "land untouched by modern dentistry"?
A brawl involving 750 students that resulted in two arrests and eleven suspensions broke out during an anger management assembly at a suburban high school:
New Tech
Although expensive, mechanized parking is perfect for high-density areas low on space. Someone in Honolulu urban planning should at least take a look at the data:
Wohr, the leading mechanized parking company:
A-POC ("A Piece of Cloth"): Seamless clothing A new manufacturing method is changing how clothes are made by making ready-to-wear seamless clothes out of a single piece of cloth. This process can affect how shoes, furniture, building components, circuitry, shelters, boats, and other structures are made:
Here's a picture of a store offering A-POC based clothes:
"How E-Voting Threatens Democracy"
A combination of many of the evoting article that have been written lately:
Scubadoo, the first underwater motorcycle! Will it revolutionize scuba diving?
A nice summary of four up-and-coming wireless technologies - WiMax, 802.16e, 802.11n, and Ultrawideband:
The first key ring gadget that's also a camcorder, USB storage device, and 2-megapixel digital camera:
United Airlines announced that more than 2 million customers used their self-serving kiosks in a single month. No modern airline can survive without them. Actually, that could be a great business - selling ticketing kiosk software to smaller, independent airlines to help them compete:
The Old Guard
Ever wonder why so many business majors think Microsoft invented computing? A study of eight textbooks reveals total ignorance of the role of Unix in business:
Robert Cringely argues that in the end anti-trust laws are ineffective when in comes to Microsoft, since they actually end up saving money by being non-compliant with government regulations:
Microsoft reports that 16 million PCs were affected by the recent MSBlast virus, ten times more than previously thought:
Modern Life
Drug company GlaxoSmithKline used orphans as guinea pigs in potentially dangerous medical experiments:
"Falsifying workers' hours held to be common management trick to pare down expenses"
"Energy bill would improve economic stability - A bill that maps an energy strategy for Hawaii appears stalled in the Legislature."
A material widely used in nanotechnology research has been found to trigger organ damage in fish:
Rapid Growth of "Dead Zones" in Oceans Threatens Planet:
"Doctors Report Sharp Increase In Broken Bones"
Kids are growing up drinking more soda and thus getting more broken bones:
Design and You
"Spreadsheets: 25 Years in a Cell"
A great article explains how 25 years of poor spreadsheet technology (read: Excel) has encouraged faulty decision-making, scandalous business practices, and small-mindedness in general. Where are the REAL business tools that incorporate predictive models, market effects, and seasonal trends?
Here's a story by a woman who used a spreadsheet to tally all the things about her ex-lover:
Newsmap, an interesting way to visually show news. Not sure if it's useful, but it is kind of pretty:
"Study: File-Sharing No Threat to Music Sales"
This was widely circulated last week. Lots of ammo building up on both side of the issue:
Some bands find their fans are donating thousands to charities to make up for their file sharing:
Revelation Of The Week
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