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April 26 to May 2, 2004
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New Tech
More news about the amazing Toyota Volta (the first hybrid sports car) which looks great, goes from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds, and gets 40 mpg:
The Bose L1 is a revolutionary new PA system that points the way to new amplification technology - it eliminates poles, monitors, and bulky equipment, and is causing a stir in the music industry:
The portable Q barbecue is the best- designed small hibachi/grill I've ever seen:
Laser-based retinal imaging technology is finally maturing, with over 100 such displays now in use by the Army's Stryker Brigade:
A new open-source software kit turns batches of old, obsolete PCs into wireless community networks:
A very technical overview of the next generation of video game consoles - Soon these devices will feature supercomputer-class levels of performance, enabling games with cinematic quality:
Lots of statistics about lots of cities:
Modern Life
The first criminal charges under the nation's "can-spam" laws have been filed:
When the island of Tuvalu sinks, it will be the only country to exist solely on the Internet:
As an experiment, every 5th- and 6th-grader at this Texas elementary school is getting a laptop with digital versions of textbooks and 2,000 works of literature:
Terrorism and You
"Doomed to failure in the Middle East"
52 former senior British diplomats write a nasty letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair:
In class a 15-year old art student draws Bush's head on a stick. The Secret Service visits the school:
"One of the nation's wealthiest towns will soon have cameras and computers running background checks on every car and driver that passes through."
Here's what the U.S. Army does to looters in Iraq (video clip from Frontline):
A mix of simple chemicals produces a fungus-like structure:
"Green tea provides a more effective and environmentally-friendly method of preparing computer hard disks, say US scientists." In certain applications it's better than diamond for polishing:
Related to the recent uncovering of the secrets of gecko adhesion, here's how spiders manage to stay sticky:
"Green is good for tech firms - 'Clean' technologies drawing larger share of venture dollars":
Before you laugh, try a little thinking outside of the box: Hawaii needs low-cost housing solutions - how about using used shipping containers? Many well-designed structures have been made worldwide, including schools, studios, museums, and apartments:
Here's some projects in London:
"Eco-friendly" diapers may not be so eco-friendly after all:
Some are raising babies without diapers just fine:
"Study Blames Corn Syrup for Rise of Diabetes in US":
Pictures of wacky Japanese vending machines:
Here's a cool (Mac and Windows) screensaver - an airplane window, with a moving aerial background:
A company records shows live and sells USB devices holding the recording after the concert:
An analysis of John Lennon's private jukebox provides a fascinating glimpse into his influences and musical rip-offs:
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