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May 17 to 23, 2004
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Topic Of The Week: Consumption! Some Different Opinions:
1) We have no right to complain. "Americans entitled to cheap gas -- right?"
3) If we did Iraq right, gas would be cheaper:
4) Obesity is now a global issue. The World Health Organization enters the picture:
5) Things are tough enough. $45,000 is poverty level in Los Angeles:
New Tech
Need a good, free antivirus app for Windows? Here's the 46 best freeware utilities for PCs:
Artificial muscle technology is coming along:
Here's how Apple's nifty spam filter makes use of latent semantic analysis to successfully mark 98% of spam mail:
Modern Life
The beautiful story of the last pure Hawaiian land, and William Kaihe'ekai Mai'oho, whose family has guarded King Kamehameha's bones for 185 years:
This is one of the best Web-based data visualization apps I've seen! You could mine this public database for all manner of interesting purposes. Fundrace - see which of your neighbors contributed to what campaign, and see how whole cities are funding:
Two teen poetry students give a public anti-Iraq/Bush reading. Their teacher is fired and the poetry club shut down:
Spain clubgoers are implanted with RFID chips:
A "talking toilet" gadget that scolds men if they put the toilet seat up sells over 1.6 million units:
Eight years ago my old startup bought from Peapod every week. Now online groceries are coming back!
Rupert Murdoch's first commercial waste-to-oil plant launched and makes 200 barrels a day from the turkey processing plant next door. It's 80% efficient and runs on its own energy:
LANL researchers have figured out how to use nanotechnology to boost solar cell efficiency as much as 37%!
The "organic" food label is losing its fight to mainstream mediocrity:
Drink coffee before hitting the bar! "Caffeine May Prevent Liver Damage":
The new Deck House (I want a Porch House):
Seattle's new public library looks quirky outside but is astounding inside. May make you rethink the role of (public) architecture. And check out the great VR movies:
One of my favorite movies, THX-1138 (George Lucas' first film) is being rereleased on DVD. Hope he doesn't screw it up like he did Star Wars:
Will the RIAA create artificial scarcity in the $3 billion cellphone ringtone market?
The New World Symphony uses Internet2 videoconferencing for orchestra training:
How iTunes sharing is creating music- based social networks in colleges:
Bought music from the iTunes Music Store? Here's the easiest tutorial I've found on how to remove the copy protection:
The entire Grateful Dead live music vaults are now online at the Internet Archive:
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