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November 15 to 21, 2004
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The latest developments regarding the potential move of the Leslie A. Hicks Power Plant near Aloha Tower. Perhaps a "grand" park is not warranted, but it would at least be nice to see a greener mix of local businesses, housing, and venues to bring more life to downtown Honolulu:
Why doesn't someone in Hawaii go into the LIDAR 3D mapping business? Hollywood pays millions for LIDAR 3D models for use in movies, and to date there are no models of the islands:
Pros and cons regarding the upcoming Superferry - discuss them in public this week:
New hybrid buses have started in Honolulu and wow the public. New smart card bus passes, too:
Kaho'olawe restoration volunteers are needed:
KAHEA points out the environmental impact of cruise ships in Hawaii:
New Tech
A new device makes shop windows and other flat surfaces interactive:
An overview of current work on Natural Language Programming:
The Internet Security Key safeguards your kids from online porn:
New businesses are sprouting up to meet demand for the new Firefox browser, now used by 19% of users according to some:
The silent PC power supply. Stop PC noise pollution!
New yarns made of carbon nanotubes leads to smart clothing:
Timekeeping has just become more accurate, and the second is redefined for the first time in 37 years:
Modern Life
The Library of Congress is putting 30 million pages of copyright-free newspapers from 1836 through 1922 online!
The former Editor in Chief of the Encyclopedia Britannica offers his thoughts on the Wikipedia, the free community- based online encyclopedia that passed 401,000 articles recently:
Some think RSS is just a fad, but I think it's a long-term enabling technology - "RSS Edges Into the Bureaucracy":
Tyranny of the few: A $1.2 million indecency fine levied against Fox by the FCC was brought on by only three people, of the millions that watched one show:
The number of corporations that control U.S. media, 1983-2000:
Remember, every public Web page you make in your life is admissible as historical legal evidence:
The story of one of the world's largest spammers, who made $750,000 a month from jamming your emailbox:
Make money with ad tattoos - are you brandable?:
SoHo's Apple Store is New York's hottest singles spot. Add a few barstools and I'd be there all day:
Young tech workers can't afford to live in Silicon Valley anymore, a concern for years:
An inspirational account of a three-year backpacking trip around the world. With lots of photos:
Terrorism and You
Two of three worldwide believe their leaders are dishonest:
Uh-oh - Diebold has been contracted to secure the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights:
Bob Dylan-singin' liberals are going to have to wear mirrored hats to peace rallies now that the Army's got a new airborne pain ray in the works:
An interview with the ex-Chief Interrogator Israel's security service:
"China Plans to Have Over 100 Eyes in the Sky by 2020":
Stem cells may be the key to controlling tumors:
U.S. pressure to try to ban international work in stem-cell research may mean its end:
The GOP seeks a ban on RU-486, the "abortion pill":
The artificial disc - "the first major breakthrough in back surgery since the 1940s":
"Towards Alternative Cities, the Green-Friendly Way"
The World Wildlife Fund is building a 6,000 structure "eco-city":
"Scientists Debate Blending Of Human, Animal Forms":
The Man Behind the FedEx Logo
An insightful look into the life of a professional logo designer:
The latest design proposals for the latest high-tech Antarctica research station:
The band Wilco had so much success with giving away their first album online, they've done it with their second. Here's an enlightening interview:
Elvis Costello interviews Joni Mitchell:
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