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November 29 to December 5, 2004
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I've added a couple of experimental features to the blog which I'm still refining - one is a "Topics" link which analyzes all the words I've written. The larger the word, the more common it is. Also, I've added images to the site. Article images are automatically chosen from the links I include in my news (like Google News), something I've been wanting to do for a while. Check it out!
"Anti-evolution teachings gain foothold in U.S. schools":
What will be the role of religion in the 21st century? Despite the fact that so many in America purport to be religious, mainstream voices paint the majority of citizens as preferring war over peace, environmental destruction over sustainability, and exploitation of the helpless over love. Will religious leaders, worshippers, and the media ever be able to ditch all the dogma and just get down to basics? "No Longer a Christian - Part II":
The most inclusive church ad I've seen is refused by TV stations due to controversy - the ad depicts the church allowing blacks, the disabled, and gays:
New Tech
The debut of Wikinews, a free content news source that people around the world can contribute to:
New clear, flexible transistors may lead to clear, flexible gadgets:
Big-time convergence - this new home entertainment PC looks like a Tivo on steroids:
A new MP3-based music format supports surround sound (5.1 channels):
Rumors of Exeem, the true P2P evolution of BitTorrent. This will be the ultimate in file sharing:
Modern Life
Mexican labor is getting too expensive for the U.S. - jobs are now moving to China. You can now buy Mexican trinkets in the U.S. that were made in China:
Wal-Mart is China's 8th-biggest trading partner:
What do you want to do with your life? More popular answers are larger:
In South Korea, email is "for old people":
The philosophy of "The Incredibles" via Ayn Rand. Should we live in a society in which mediocrity is encouraged?
A more in-depth mind-boggling article on how Google works - two PCs are expected to fail daily:
The price of a gallon - how expensive is that liquid?
Arm wrestling over the Internet! Why can't we settle wars this way? It's basically the same thing:
The ten most persistent design bugs, from UI expert Bruce Tognazzini:
Here's an overview of the current tech jobs in demand:
"RFID skills shortage predicted": is selling more electronics than books:
Terrorism and You
"No Child Unrecruited"
Did you know that the 'No Child Left Behind" Act forces schools to provide private student information to military recruiters?
"Israel shocked by image of soldiers forcing violinist to play at roadblock"
It's come full circle - This is exactly what the Nazis did to Jews in concentration camps:
The Red Cross says Guantanamo is worse than Abu Ghraib:
The CIA is funding efforts to spy on chat rooms:
A new consumer surveillance tool allows people to view satellite images of the ground at a resolution of two feet:
The world is not growing enough food to meet the rising population:
Relax - high blood pressure makes you stupid:
Meditation proven to lower blood pressure:
The Straight Dope takes on alternative burials:
More alternatives to traditional burials:
Whoops, another Hawaiian bird species nears extinction. "This species was a unique part of Earth's history... we'll never have another one like it if it disappears."
Are Detroit automakers missing the hybrid car revolution?
Here's an inspirational program on Kaua'i that recycles used glass into works of art:
"Researchers compost old mobile phones & transform them into flowers":
However, "e-junk" recycling is still in its infancy. Note that old computer monitors make better used TVs than TVs:
Scientists figure out how to make hydrogen from sunflower oil. Does this mean that one day I'll be able to power my car from my cell phone compost pile?
The most influential piece of modern art. Much progress can be made when you don't take yourself seriously:
The zoom quilt - I've love to see this with lots more participants!
The anti-consumer revolution, in pictures:
This is great! The combination rug/laundry bag:
Artwork that comes with its own URL - the URL has become a work of art in itself:
An interactive surface with virtual squiggly worms you can "pick up". I've always wanted to open a bar where the entire floor is a virtual interactive koi pond myself:
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