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The big news in Kev's world this week was the introduction of the Mac mini - it's a small yet powerful box not much wider than a CD that supports pretty much any display, keyboard, and mouse for $500. Not only is it less wasteful environmentally, but you could easily velcro this to the underside of a desk (or to the back of your LCD monitor) and never have to see it. Or put it in a drawer. Never mind this "den" the reviews keep suggesting it would be great for.

In the PC world the average consumer seems to think that bigger is better. On the contrary, smaller computers by their nature require higher technology and more elegant design and engineering. Hence my rule of thumb: never upgrade to a computer that's bigger than your older one.

If you're an average PC user, you'd be insane to keep a Windows machine at this point. I've spent more time removing viruses and fixing problems on one friend's Windows XP box than the combined time spent helping support the 20 people in Hawaii that I've helped convert to the Mac platform. And not one would ever go back! Here's the official Mac mini page:
And here's Gizmodo's quick summary:
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