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Trashing Hawaii
No wonder that people are dumping so much trash illegally in Hawaii:
There's a potpourri of online recycling and disposal service resources for the state, but they all offer overlapping, redundant, confusing, incomplete, and inaccurate information. Why can't there be a single, easy-to-locate, clear, authoritative online resource for where, when, and how to get rid of different types of trash? For example, Earth 911 is a service that offers some good ideas along these lines (but they have very little information on Hawaii):
On a related eco-friendly note, there sure is a lot of unused roof real estate in downtown Honolulu:
How about making some green roofs, or at least solar panels? Here's a number of North American green roof case studies:
Hawaii's developing a strong, growing network of organic farms. How about introducing mobile organic produce stores, like this successful one in West Oakland?
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