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Mac OS X Tiger
There was a lot of news this week, but the big news was the release of Apple's new system upgrade, called "Tiger". I've tested the heck out of it and it seems stable and faster:
Here's a comprehensive technical overview of Tiger, and why its software architecture for recording, composing, and playing images, movies, music and generally any kind of media is light years ahead of any other personal-use operating system in the world:
I think the news behind the big news is the introduction of high- definition video to the masses. Upgrade to QuickTime 7 and you may be able to view movies in the new QuickTime HD Gallery:
The HD wildlife reel is stunning and played beautifully on my PowerBook G4 and should run fine on iMac G5s. The H.264 codec crushes the best codecs being used in movies distributed over file sharing today. No doubt, this is the future of online video, TV, and movie distribution:
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