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Have a very happy New Year's, everyone. Thus ends the first full year of Kev's News.

What can one say about over 100,000 lives being extinguished so quickly? Too many things for words. "You are the music while the music lasts", said T.S. Elliot.

Larry Geller of the Hawaii Coalition for Health points out this item - if a tsunami occurs on Oahu, will it wipe out the state's biomedical center and potentially cause a larger disaster? Hawaii Senator Gordon Trimble voices his concerns on locating $150 million+ research facilities so close to the shoreline:
Here you can see how close the biomedical facilities are to the ocean:
Here's a map showing the rough location of the facilities (Ilalo Street, Honolulu), to the left of Kewalo Basin:
So now we can see how close the facility would be to the tsunami evacuation zone:
I only hope that biohazardous materials will be stored in a way so to prevent them from washing out in the event of flooding...
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