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September 2, 2003
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LEDs and the future of the light bulb: "If the world switches over to LEDs rapidly enough, it could obviate the need to build more than 100 power plants between now and 2020"
The incredible story of an Estonian man who lived in the forest for eight years evading the Soviets:
The Ungreening of America, a special report by Mother Jones:
"Urban Sprawl Makes Americans Fat, Study Finds"
George Vlosich, Etch-a-Sketch(tm) master:
"Farewell America"
An award-winning British journalist leaves the US after six years but finds it again at a Patti Smith concert. Lots of nice little facts in this article...
Japanese Ping-Pong meets the Matrix meets performance art:
"Japan, China, Korea may develop Windows replacement"
" has awakened governments to the need to reduce their dependence on Windows operating systems."
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