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September 15, 2003
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The importance of dreaming for the future Why are people retreating to past fantasy instead of thinking forward? Humanity's perception of the future indeed shapes its present. Recent Hugo award winner Spider Robinson speaks out:
Strange tiles have been sighted in over 100 different places around the world, created by an unknown artist. They reference Arnold Toynbee, who believed that "humanity's perception of its history shapes its future":
Computer visionary Stafford Beer coined the term "shareware". He also invented Cybersyn, an Internet-like socialist computer system created for the revolutionary Chilean government in the early 1970's. The government was overthrown by the CIA, and nothing has quite existed like it as of yet:
View the groovy Star-Trek like operations room:
The iTunes music store just sold its 10 millionth song! Yay!
Also, reinforcing the "Apple = cool" theme from last week, the iPod is now featured in a hot new hip-hop music video by 50 Cent:
Ever eaten General Tso's chicken? Well, here's everything you wanted to know about General Tso and his dish:
"12-Year-Old Sued for Music Downloading (by RIAA)"
I knew it would come to this... the best articles are from the UK:
Of all people, the Chief Technical Officer of InfoWorld (long a Windows/UNIX-oriented publication) has moved to a Mac and wrote two articles about the experience... "It just works... an option that's enterprise-worthy"
The optical illusions page from Japan has been greatly expanded. WARNING: may cause headaches or discomfort!
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