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September 22, 2003
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Spam! This is the best visual representation I've seen...
Howard Levy, harmonica player extrordinaire:
Here's his version of "Amazing Grace":
All about the best slot machine cheater ever:
"MP3s Are Not the Devil"
A great essay on MP3s and intellectual property by sci-fi writer Orson Scott Card:
Part 2:
One local columnist is wondering about his schools switching to Windows from Mac:
This has been popular this week: Al Franken's Supply-Side Jesus!
About Stefanie Nagorka, who makes spontaneous sculptures in Home Depot aisles wihout permission:
"The Revenge of the Copyright Cops"
Great comic:
Some young teens attitudes towards file sharing. Good take on the state of the next generation:
Invisible always-on cameras in glasses, brought to you by HP: (it does have an off switch, however)
"'Pristine' Amazon boasted large cities"
Evidence that large groups of people learned to live in a sustainable fashion in the past:
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