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September 30, 2003
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Powers of 10
This was popular a while ago, but they've upgraded the movie... check out the new version!
Sales of phonecams have surpassed that of digital cameras:
"A prototype digital video system producing images of such high quality that the human eye struggles to distinguish them from reality has been developed by Japanese engineers"
TV so real that it provokes nausea and "gasps of astonishment":
The student who ate only wild foods for 80 days in suburbia:
The most phallic building in the world and more:
You heard it here first folks. Windows is indeed a threat to national security:
Of course, a co-author of the report was fired from his company:
The original 800k report (in PDF):
The RIAA withdrew one of their suits due to mistaken identity - This Mac-using grandma was liable for $300 million for stealing songs by artists such as the rapper "Trick Daddy":
"How to Deal with the Lies and the Lying Liars When They Lie about 'Bowling for Columbine'"
Michael Moore finally responds to all the criticism, and well, with outtakes from "Bowling from Columbine" and damning evidence against his detractors:
YEAH! Swedish band postcards!
A Jurassic-age plant once thought extinct has been discovered, cultivated, and commercialized:
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