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October 6, 2003
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I was thinking about replacing my old Devo costume for Halloween and decided to see what was out there on the Web. A store with a very good selection is Halloween Mart, with decent prices as well. Haven't bought anything from them yet...
The death of the laser show: birth of the new psychedelics? The American Museum of Natural History started a new sound and light show using computer graphics called SonicVision. It's a 35-minute movie projected onto a spherical roof 75 feet in diameter (6,550 square feet).

Some details:

  • It's a $600k project, with $1 million in hardware donated by Sun Microsystems.
  • The soundtrack was mixed by Moby and features the music of Radiohead, U2, Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, The Flaming Lips, Stereolab, Fischerspooner, and Boards of Canada.
  • It's powered by a Linux-running 78-processor supercomputer that can manage nine terabytes of data, 13 times the size of the data in a two-hour digital feature film.
  • It uses seven ultra-high-resolution video projectors and hundreds of speakers, two 24-channel digital audio players, and bass shakers under every seat.

An image from Atmospherex, the company that provided some visuals for the show:
Some commentary:
But the main reason I mention this is because they show some of Alex Gray's art in the show. This feels almost exactly like a mushroom trip I took:
As this type of experience gets cheaper to create, perhaps one day we'll see more artists and other types of visionary people making use of it!
"3G Mobile Signals Can Cause Nausea, Headache"
Dating and mating for over-35s: love goes corporate
"Mergers, acquisitions, takeover bids... that's the vocabulary as would-be wives take a business approach to relationships"
"The Incredible Shrinking Studio"
"Working on the go has become standard operating procedure in the music industry"
"So you wanna fake being an indie rock expert?"
This was pretty popular a while ago, but in case you missed it:
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