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October 14, 2003
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The world's first motorized surfboard This is quite a revolutionary device - it's to surfing what snowboards are to skiing. This August it won approval for U.S. distribution after a 16-year development process. It can be used like a normal surfboard, and you can turn on the engine while surfing at any time. No more having to paddle out to waves, and you can do tricks with it like a skateboard on water...
Here's a good article on the engineering and development of the Powerski:
"Answers Please, Mr Bush"
Michael Moore asks seven straightforward questions:
"Software Brings Cellular Capacity To Rural Communities"
The main point of this is that now a single computer can replace an entire cellular tower's worth of expensive equipment. This means smaller installations and better coverage to rural areas. Plus it allows wireless companies to easily make the switch to better technologies that use the entire frequency spectrum instead of just narrow parts at a time.
Like used CDs? "The Top 50 Most Common Used CDs" Also, if you like to stay on the cutting edge of music, Pitchfork Media is a good place to check out from time to time:
"New Disney Space Ride So Real It's Sickening"
At $100 million, it could be the most expensive attraction ever:
A great, great explanation of how this nation's electrical grid works, why more large-scale blackouts are predicted, the effects of deregulation, and yet another example of capitalism ignoring physics, resulting in dangerous consequences, social inequity, and roadblocks to progress:
"When big media gets bigger"
Bill Moyers on the latest big media mergers and the FCC's latest waivers to monopolies:
The Beginning of the End of the Internet?
An article by an FCC commissioner on the FCC's short-sighted Internet policies.

The FCC is not really on your side, people, despite their "do not call" list...
Homeland Defense employee has his German fiance detained, handcuffed, jailed, and after 20 hours without food, shipped back to Germany, without being officially arrested, a la "The Patriot Act"...
Finally, on a lighter note, a partial Latin translation of Sir Mix-a-lot's "Baby Got Back": "Large buttocks are pleasing to me, nor am I able to lie concerning this matter."
Confused? Here's the original lyrics:
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