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October 27, 2003
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Kev's News: None of the news you want to hear, all the news you need to hear!

Electricity from water The first new method of generating electricity in 150 years:
Sanyo is making corn-derived biodegradable CDs - they'll hit stores in December. Much better for landfills. They degrade after 50-100 years:
Morgan has provided this link to Reverend Billy and his hilarious nonviolent protest against Wal-Mart (and a good idea too):
Next year public, free globally connected 10-foot high 24-hour cylindrical videoconferencing portals will be set up in major cities:
Here's a picture:
Are you a natural networker? Some people are natural "connectors" - in social networks, the important people aren't necessarily who you know, but who you vaguely know:
"How I Met My Wife" - a mind-blowing play on words:
Like facts? The 2002 State of Hawaii Fact Book is now online:
"Senate votes for tough limits on spam"
A school has begun tracking students with RFID devices, the first known school to identify and track its children. Good? Bad?
Coming in January from Sony, the world's smallest five-megapixel camera:
More evidence that the Arctic region is warming up...
ChevronTexaco and Ecuador
A trial just started that could pave the way for holding U.S. companies accountable for pollution overseas - it involves toxic oil dumps in total 50 percent larger than the Exxon Valdez spill spread over miles of the Amazon. And oil production is on track to triple in three years:
PDA screens are getting pretty high-resolution these days (picture)...
The Military and Makua
"Uh, what are we gonna do with this pile of rocks?" (picture):
The fires in Southern California as seen from space (picture):
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