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November 3 to 9, 2003
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Kev's News: No matter what happens, there it is!

Did you know that this is the Year of the Hawaiian Forest? In honor, here's a picture from last week of what they're replacing the forests with...
A few medical breakthroughs last week you may have read about... "Liquid drano for arteries":
Scientists identify an "obesity gene":
A new promising Hepatitis C drug:
A very promising cancer-fighting virus (the Reovirus) has received funding for studies:
Unlike the U.S., Australians "do e-voting right" by opening up the software running their voting systems to public scrutiny:
"Music fans in the US are buying almost twice as many singles in digital form over the internet as they are on CDs from stores, according to a report":
The Worst Album Covers Ever
This is absolutely hilarious! Updates are coming as well...
These come from Nick DiFonzo's outrageous collection:
Everything that Wired Magazine has called "a thing of the past":
Will noisy, hot computers be a thing of the past? Electricity leakage is why current microchips (and therefore your computer) runs hot, requires fans, and contributes to the entropy of the universe. Intel claims it has solved this problem:
Forbes did a multi-part series on "The New Cash Crop" - marijuana! This series also profiles a Tokyo store that sells ayahuasca for "$70 a dose":
The home of New Society publishers, a great publisher of books on sustainable living:
I'm currently reading their "Fostering Sustainable Behavior: An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing" - its author was in Hawaii recently.

You can read about one of their books, "Superbia!", a manual on transforming suburban wastelands into more community-oriented, sustainable villages... "I was amazed when my neighbor waved to me":
The world's first disposable cellular phone just hit the market. It comes with 60 minutes of prepaid time, its own phone number, and you can add more minutes as needed:
Scientists are now visiting "traditional herbalists" in search of breakthrough drugs.

But some of these healers are refusing to divulge information, saying they are not fairly compensated for their information - which could make some biotech firms millions of dollars.

Can the shaman and the corporation find a mutually beneficial relationship?
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