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November 10 to 16, 2003
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A study of the Web sites of the ten presidential candidates found that most violated speed and accessibility guidelines. The worst offender with the most code-bloated, inefficient, inaccessible Web site? Dennis Kucinich:
People will do anything to get into the U.S.... (From September 2001)
A new study of love confirms that the brain patterns made when people first fall in love are the same one gets when eating chocolate:
Mark Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle has always been a great columnist, but this column in particular shows him at his best.

"Terror Is A Triple Meat Pizza: Who needs war and evildoers and a big nuclear holocaust? We've got a national obesity epidemic"
Bill Moyer gave a passionate speech on media reform:
People are increasingly naming their kids after brand names. In 2000, almost 300 girls were named Armani:
On Kauai, the Navy wants 6,000 more acres of land...
An interview with Gore Vidal about his latest book on the Founding Fathers and what they would have done to Bush:
"Who are they and what do they want?"
A British reporter finds Bush protesters are a diverse crowd:
Now that people are sharing their iTunes playlists, a new form of bigotry is emerging: discrimination based on a person's terrible taste in music (at least among networked college students). It "tells a lot more about people than the clothes they wear or the books they carry":
Some popular news stories: Scientists have created the first artificial virus (and it reproduces):
IBM created a (large) "TV-sized" supercomputer that's the 73rd most powerful supercomputer in the world:
The first supercomputer made of Macs, "Big Mac", is the 3rd most powerful:
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