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November 24 to 30, 2003
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Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving... In honor, here's an article about why today's mass-produced turkeys taste so bland...
Some Thanksgiving sale goodness-this one made all the papers: "Woman knocked unconscious by trampling shoppers" ...and this happened at a Wal-Mart Supercenter...
A nonviolent protester is "hogtied and abused" at Fort Benning:
I didn't think Michael Jackson could look worse... (picture)
Have you ever wanted your own Death Ray? Check out the commercial at Brotron Labs!
Abercromie & Fitch got in hot, steamy water last week for their R- and X- rated clothing catalog. Their first sweater doesn't show up until page 122. The people in their catalog aren't wearing clothes, and the clothes in their catalog aren't worn by people:
Did you know they also sold thongs for kids? (from May 2002): "Parents say kid's thong is just plain wrong"
"My First DNA Sequencer"
A DNA extraction and analysis device for kids - only $80. Comes with a centrifuge and electrophoresis chamber!
New labels for fruit change color as the fruit ripens...
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