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December 1 to 7, 2003
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Compulsion, Greed, and Vanity:
Are you a "pack rat"? "Facing jail because his house is filled to the brim, a hoarder finds hope in a woman with a talent for organizing"
The woman who claimed to be trampled at Wal-Mart after Thanksgiving has been found to have filed 16 previous claims from various businesses:
How Michael Jackson would have looked without the plastic surgery:
A great gallery of digital photography from Max Lyons:
The abuse of period typography in the movies:
CNN Art Sucks
The "best of" CNN art work...
A nice 24-hour time-lapse movie of Toronto (5MB):
New Tech
Why frivolous software patents suck - here's all the patents you're violating now by setting up an online store:
"Public Libraries Use Internet to Sell Old Books, Help Budgets"
Old "lost" Hawaiian literature is getting resurrected via e-books:
This digital sundial requires no electricity or moving parts:
Modern Life
Disney Sucks
The resignation letter of Roy Disney, Chairman of the Feature Animation Division at Walt Disney Company:
A great five-part essay on the homeless problem in San Francisco, which has the nation's worst problem with "hard-core homelessness". What to know what life is really like on the street?
Low-wage life is getting much worse for Americans: "Myths and Realities About Low-Wage Jobs":
The "online citizen movement" MoveOn is getting stronger...
Money For The (Old) New World Order
Some Republican Congressmen want Reagan on the dime in place of Roosevelt:
A 7-year-old is punished in school for talking about his lesbian moms:
In an effort to thwart modern spam filters, spammers are now using excerpts of classic novels and poetry in their emails:
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