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Local Stuff
Big news, huh? Here's how it got around:

  • August 12: First reported at an international symposium at Fermilab.
  • August 18: Reported in the Honolulu Advertiser by Jan TenBruggencate, the Advertiser Science Writer.
  • October 8: Reported at an international workshop in Wisconsin.
  • November 21: Published in the prestigious Physical Review Letters.
  • Late November: Item is picked up internationally (BBC, CNN).
  • December 2: Appears in UH News, the main press outlet of the University.
  • December 21: Reported in the Star-Bulletin.

Lessons learned: UH and the Star-Bulletin need to get their science/high-tech reporting act together. This item was featured in dozens of international publications before locals got wind of it... unless you were reading the Advertiser. Kudos to them for keeping a diligent science reporter on staff.
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