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December 29 to January 4, 2004
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Happy New Year! Slow news week though.

Here's a panorama of Times Square on New Year's Eve (QuickTime required):
Did you have champagne over the holidays? Tiny bubbles are better - when picking champagne, look for more, smaller bubbles:
Is the American Dream over? Business Week said so, and so does this article. More proof that the rich are richer and poor are poorer. "The Death of Horatio Alger":
"The fish that threatened national security":
Did you know that 20 billion tampons/sanitary pads went into landfills in 1998? Encourage females to try the Diva Cup:
New Tech
Will a new high-tech fund in Hawaii work? Local VC Barry Weinman may not like it, but I think the state needs to provide a starter foundation for business before VCs can step in. Local VCs have never been that effective anyway:
The amazing precision of the recent Mars landing - they had to take in account things such as how plate tectonics affected the wobble of the Earth to hit a target 90 million miles away:
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