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January 5 to 11, 2004
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Well, better late than never...

This week's hot topic: globalization and its wacky effects!

Bangalore, India now has more high-tech workers than Silicon Valley:
Should we move high-tech jobs overseas? "Economists back tech industry's overseas hiring":
"I.M.F. Report Says U.S. Deficits Threaten World Economy"
One Sri Lankan's take on globalism and its effect on world cultures (November 2003):
"Please just tell the Americans to send the garbage closer to my home," pleaded Dishar Jaber, 56, squinting through the one eye he was left with after the Iran-Iraq war. "Then I will be happy."
Taji, Iraq, where 50 families live in the city's garbage dump:
Culture: Hawaii!
Here on Oahu, Wallace Theatres (at Restaurant Row) is abandoning its art house movies (sigh):
Culture: File Sharing!
"Counterpoint: Downloading Isnít Stealing"
The New York Times refused to run this article - the journalist posted it himself online instead. Here's a good idea to help offset online "sharing" - a $60 per year charge for broadband users:
A behind-the-scenes article on illegal online movie-swapping teams:
Culture: Obesity!
"U.S. Teens More Overweight Than Youth In 14 Other Countries"
Burger King customers told: 'You are too fat to have a Whopper'
Culture: Working In America!
A great two-piece story on a man trapped in a dead-end job at a customer service call center. "The Phones Don't Stop"
Terrorism and You
The FBI can now obtain financial records without requiring a judge's permission:
The FBI gathered hotel guest list information on 270,000 in Las Vegas:
The U.S. asks Australia's Qantas to ban bathroom lines on flights:
Yet another international study on global warming was released - 1/4 of all species could be extinct by 2050? "Global Warming Imperils Species"
"How I Made a Hacker Out of a Slacker"
For when you need to train your inner geek:
Not Fooling Anybody - a chronicle of bad storefront conversions:
"You say you want a revolution? Iran bands rock on"
Tehran, where heavy metal is popular:
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