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January 12 to 18, 2004
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Finally, Verizon announces that it will convert its entire nationwide telecommunications network to packet switching, "the protocol on which the Internet runs". This, over 40 years after AT&T nay-sayers said that it couldn't be done:
"New anti-spam laws fail to bite"
I used to get about 500 to 1000 spams a day. Now it's down to about 100 now that I put tough anti-spam filters in...
A new joystick combination fitness machine gives you a real workout...

"The average age of people who buy fitness equipment is 31," Mr Martinez told BBC News Online, "and the average age of gamers is 29."
Talking about workouts, the Powerball wrist exerciser now has a little RPM counter on it, making it even more addicting:
"This experience encapsulated so many benefits about technology that I donít really know where to begin"
An uplifting story of how a frantic woman at an airport is saved minutes before takeoff by a laptop connected with Bluetooth to a cell phone connected to the Internet connected to her email.
Atoms can be seen and counted with the new SuperSTEM microscope:
RipDigital, a company that will digitize your entire CD collection for you, for a fee:
"Experts slam Wal-Mart lockdowns"
Controversy over Wal-Mart's practice of locking in workers at night, despite medical emergencies and hurricanes. In some cases workers end their shifts early and must wait it out for hours before the store can be unlocked:
The federal government plans to analyze employees' hair, sweat, and saliva as a part of new drug tests:
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