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January 19 to 25, 2004
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A filmmaker decides to make a documentary - he'll eat nothing but McDonald's food 3 times a day for 30 days. The result? 25 more pounds, liver toxicity, high cholesterol, headaches, depression, and vomiting:
Along similar lines, the Frito-Lay corporation would like to substitute one of the "food pyramid" groups with its products:
"Free Wireless Everywhere"
A free city-wide wireless project has been taking off in San Francisco. Can this be a model for other cities?
The Dutchtub, a plastic outdoor hot tub that requires no electricity, plumbing, or hot water. Faster and easier setup than a wood-fire tub:
Beautiful photographs of polluted industrial sites:
This Star Wars fan turned his Honda into an "H-Wing" fighter. It's the best car-to-starship conversion I've ever seen:
An aspiring filmmaker made a splash at Sundance with the first feature-length film ever made with nothing but iMovie. Total cost of the production: $218.
"Study confirms sleep essential for creativity":
Here's a look at one of the hearts of the Internet - the Network Operations Center hosting one of the dozen or so class A root servers that exist around the globe - if these machines went down, everything would go down! now allows you to contribute funds to presidential candidates with the ease of 1-click shopping:
"Republican staff members of the US Senate Judiciary Commitee infiltrated opposition computer files for a year, monitoring secret strategy memos and periodically passing on copies to the media":
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