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June 28 to July 4, 2004
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"US Government warns against Internet Explorer"
Finally, the U.S. government is "pleading" users to stop using Internet Explorer!
Instead, use the faster, better Firefox browser:
Here's a glowing piece on Firefox from Slate: "Are the Browser Wars Back?"
New Tech
Holographic technology is leading to pocket- sized video projectors:
The first(?) application for turning your cellphone into a universal remote control:
A new hypersensitive sensor has been developed in Israel, allowing heart readings from "several feet away" without physical contact:
"Facetop", a method of videoconferencing that's actually about 35 years old but may one day be popular:
Modern Life
A teen's heart stops while playing the video game Dance Dance Revolution:
20% of U.S. residents admit that they buy products advertised in email spam:
Car VIN (vehicle identification) numbers are running out. This is a much thornier problem than the Y2K issue. With fascinating information about how VIN numbers are encoded:
All about the latest Rainbow Gathering, which attracted 10,000 and caused the Forest Service to allocate nearly $1 million for management:
Unfortunately the gathering is digging latrines on Indian grounds "full of cultural artifacts":
Terrorism and You
"Iraqis seek self-rule on the net"
Iraq is trying to take back its domain name (.iq) in a bid for net sovereignty:
"Thousands of truckers, bus drivers and rest-stop workers are being enlisted to spot terrorists":
An article on a "freecycling" program in Hawaii:
An Antarctic scientific research vessel gets equipped with two heavy-caliber machine guns to fight fish poaching off of Australia:
An article on those trying to get China to eat more vegetarian and less things like sparrow chicks, snake heads, and badgers. Old cultures are hard to change though. "Asked why she eats domestic cats, an elderly woman explained: 'Winter is coming. I need to eat something furry.'"
The evolution of fractal art. This is the next generation of fractal and mathematics- based design, folks:
This device allows you to swap out your car CD changer for an iPod and use it like a huge CD changer, with your existing controls:
The heartwarming story of independent, garage-based SomaFM, which broadcasts worldwide to 8,000 listeners a day:
A celebration of the 20th anniversary of Husker Du's revolutionary album "Zen Arcade":
Radio 1 in the UK will now be broadcasting a chart of the top (legally) downloaded tracks:
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