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July 5 to 11, 2004
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Have you ditched Internet Explorer yet? It's lost 1% in popularity so far, its first recorded decline in five years. That's about 300,000 people:
Will libraries be illegal? Brewster Kahle's Internet Archive aims to be the modern Library of Alexandria - here's a fascinating recent talk on his fight to archive digital media and create a free global library - daily they record and archive dozens of TV stations around the world and receive hundreds of "legal" concert recordings, movies, and books in digital format. But there are plenty of current laws that can prevent you from getting access to it: The Internet Archive:
(low quality, QuickTime, 24MB)
(high quality, QuickTime, 121MB)
New Tech
After two years of noodling, Ford announces the first hybrid SUV:
Genetic algorithms can help evolve a faster, more efficient Internet:
Clive Sinclair rolls out the world's smallest folding bike:
Not a product yet, but a concept: this Bluetooth wireless device attaches to your luggage and blinks when you are near it at the baggage carousel. Other neat ideas here:
More about transparent videoconferencing, which has received a lot of press lately:
Here's Doug Englebart's infamous 1968 demo, which originated the concept and also introduced the world to the mouse, word processing, hyperlinks, outline editing, graphics editing, and more:
Modern Life
Of all people, William F. Buckley writes about the need for marijuana law reform:
Unusual Japanese ice cream flavors - horse flesh ice cream is only the beginning!
Ghulam Sediq Wardak, Afghanistan's most famous inventor. He's made a solar-powered VW and over 300 other inventions:
"I think he's a big jerk"
How Fahrenheit 9/11 plays to Republican audiences in Washington and Texas:
"Movie piracy on Internet called an epidemic":
Did military sonar testing drive 200 whales to the beach off Kaua'i last week?
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Operation Castle, the single worst fallout exposure in the U.S. atmospheric testing program. With heartbreaking testimony from many veterans who were there.
The Maui Xaphoon
Made out of Maui bamboo, this flute-like instrument is called "the Bamboo Sax":
A new type of affordable condo complex with intelligently designed 347 square-foot spaces. I'd rather see a building like this than (yet) another rundown concrete brick apartment in Hawaii any day!
The incredible All Music Guide is getting a complete overhaul, really, really soon:
With this Mac application you can view the current top ten most purchased tracks from the iTunes Music Store in your menubar:
A new club in the UK invites people to play their iPod playlist for 15 minutes:
Steve Winwood's label "has seen a noticeable increase in record sales" thanks to putting a free track on file sharing networks:
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