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July 19 to 25, 2004
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Topic of the week: compulsory Web site registrations! Lots of people hate 'em, and they can lead to identify theft. But how are sites to make money?

Just go to BugMeNot to get around site registrations:
New Tech
Quantum computing breakthrough - a single electron's spin is controlled using ordinary transistors:
An LED research breakthrough may lead to LEDs replacing lightbulbs in five years:
A fuel cell breakthrough leads to cooler, smaller cells - one the size of two soda cans could power your entire household:
New algorithms detect digitally faked photos:
New technologies in the running for the next replacement for hard drives, including molecular storage and cow protein:
Verizon debuts Fios, its broadband-over fiber service, 30 times faster than DSL:
A very cool design concept - the circular printer. It's efficient, fast, and small:
The latest thinking in dualmode transports - a truck that runs on wheels and rails. Why not use one to transport people from Honolulu to Kapolei instead of building a second level?
Seed Magazine debuts - think "Maxim" crossed with "Scientist":
Apple has released software for Verizon's $80 a month nationwide roaming wireless network - get online anywhere in the U.S.!
The latest Bulwer-Lytton contest results:
Modern Life
"Nations Lite"
Huge manmade cities for the superrich are being built all over the world. Here's a few of them:
About Dubai's crown price, the man behind the $3 billion Palm, the "eighth wonder of the world". He makes $2 billion a year without even trying:
A reflection on the Walkman, which turned 25 last month:
An inside look at the birth of the iPod. Its manager quit because he had no confidence it would be popular. He works for Microsoft now:
"Worship My Radiant iPod"
Mark Morford's very funny pean to the iPod:
Terrorism and You
A photo tour of the N521DB, the luxury liner used to transport the Bin Ladens out of the U.S. after 9/11. It was also used by Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones:
The fascinating story of East Germany's most embarrassing defection - an intelligence officer, a 16 year-old, and his mother. Here's a taste of what it's like to grow up in an atmosphere of poverty and fear:
UH is building a plant waste processing facility that will net $100k a year by tunrning plant waste into charcoal:
A UH breakthrough - vegetable colorants show cancer-fighting properties:
The dark side of the obesity epidemic - parents struggle to keep their large kids from being locked up by authorities:
The UK is thinking about compulsory "drug vaccinations" for children:
The demand for larger luxury garages in homes is increasing:
A modern, self-sustaining off-the-grid house in Toronto:
The two-story Glidehouse 2, now in production:
Photo/video folks! Build your own bottlecap tripod:
Interesting comparisons between the latest digital SLRs and film scans:
Universities are giving in and paying an RIAA "tax" to avoid prosecution:
Canada's music industry is trying to bill dentists who play music in waiting rooms:
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