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July 26 to August 1, 2004
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After a year in operation, Kev's News goes online! Since everyone seems to have a blog these days, I decided to go ahead and just do it. I see the rise of blogs as a symptom of people learning how to use the Web personally as a tool for information dissemination, optimization, and analysis. The capability to use the Web this way is one of the innate characteristics of hypermedia, and the technology has a long way to go to reach its true potential.

In the meantime, check it out. I've got searching, archives, topic filters, and an RSS feed for syndication. You can search for things like "nytimes 2003 tech", which searches for all technology items referencing the New York Times in 2003, for instance. You can also refer to all posts and items with permanent URLs. This allows for easy article reference, lookup, comparison, and research. Plus I wrote all the code, so the system can evolve according to myself and the communities' needs - for now, it's basically a mailing list to blog gateway.

Go to:
Topic Of The Week: Symptoms
"Crowded communities demand change"
Hawaii is getting crowded, a symptom of short-term thinking in development. Where's the mixed-use, decentralized, community-centered projects? "What I see happening is horrible," said Maui Realtor Tara Grace. "The mentality that gives us sprawling developing is stripping our soul."
"Support scarce for latest UH logo ideas"
They're not inspiring. The difficulty in developing a pat symbol for higher learning in Hawaii is a symptom of the loss of core, uniquely Hawaiian values and culture. Logo makers should look into the roots of the current UH logo and the Hawaiian flag, which emphasize global communications and unifying values:
Cheap projection technology is giving rise to "guerilla drive-ins". This is a symptom of this generation's need for commerce-free, authentic culture and socializing:
New Tech
The first debut of an entire TV show episode over the Internet:
The first magazine for technology projects, "Make":
Water molecules can now be moved with light, allowing the rapid testing of blood and other liquids:
IBM introduces "chip morphing" technology, which enables self-repairing, evolvable computer chips:
A $230 million acquisition of an RFID reader company. This technology is hot, hot, hot, people:
How to turn your iPod into a universal remote:
How to fully remove Internet Explorer from your PC:
Modern Life
What the U.S. can learn from South Korea, where broadband is cheap, over 10 times faster, and is transforming government and society with telemedicine to the house, video on demand, and a lucrative games market (est. $4.3 billion in 2005):
About Singapore's new world-class bioscience empire, including "Biopolis", a $300 million center for molecular biology, bioinformatics, genomics, and nanotech:
Kona Brewing Co. in Hawaii Kai is now a free wireless network hotspot! I'm spending more time there:
A great idea - putting city maps on traffic control boxes. Let's see these around town!
"How government protects big media - and shuts out upstarts like me." By Ted Turner:
28% of the time, people fall for fake email scams:
This is a picture of a hard drive from circa 1975. It only held "a few megabytes":
Terrorism and You
SecuritySpy - This Mac-based software allows one to install a cheap multi-cam security system for many thousands less than traditional systems:
New U.S. passports out this fall will be embedded with biometric computer chips:
Prodded by the MPAA, the FBI pursues criminal charges against a Stargate SG1 fan Web site, despite endorsement by the show's executive producer:
About the first truly effective shark repellent, A-2:
There's a "50% chance" of a major accident while cleaning up the U.S.'s dirtiest nuclear site. And there's not enough room for the waste at the large Yucca Mountain site:
Where do whales go when they die? A newly discovered worm lacks a mouth, stomach, legs, and eyes and lives on deep-sea whale bones:
An in-demand violin maker in Berkeley creates quality violins with 200-year old wood from Lake Superior. Also an acupuncturist, he sees the vibrational connections between his vocations:
This Land Is Apparently Not Your Land
Lawrence Lessig on the "This Land Is Your Land" lawsuit threat. This action goes against everything Woody Guthrie stood for:
If similar intellectual property laws existed in the 18 century, "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" would be illegal:
Today's laws basically make the folk music tradition illegal:
How the RIAA shut down a respected, thriving music store due to the sale of popular DJ-made mixtapes:
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