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After a year in operation, Kev's News goes online! Since everyone seems to have a blog these days, I decided to go ahead and just do it. I see the rise of blogs as a symptom of people learning how to use the Web personally as a tool for information dissemination, optimization, and analysis. The capability to use the Web this way is one of the innate characteristics of hypermedia, and the technology has a long way to go to reach its true potential.

In the meantime, check it out. I've got searching, archives, topic filters, and an RSS feed for syndication. You can search for things like "nytimes 2003 tech", which searches for all technology items referencing the New York Times in 2003, for instance. You can also refer to all posts and items with permanent URLs. This allows for easy article reference, lookup, comparison, and research. Plus I wrote all the code, so the system can evolve according to myself and the communities' needs - for now, it's basically a mailing list to blog gateway.

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