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Revitalize the Waterfront and Downtown
A conversation with a friend led to a discussion of Irwin Park, the park by Aloha Tower that was originally mandated to be a park but is now a parking lot:
Over the last few years developer Kenneth Hughes has proposed an ambitious redevelopment plan, which would replace the nearby HECO power plant with a real parking garage and build apartments, restaurants, an interisland ferry terminal, and a streetcar line extending to downtown. And Irwin Park would become a real park. It's a great plan that would lead to a "pedestrian-friendly", greener waterfront, a vibrant downtown life, and less dependence on cars:
A good first step: lofts are allowed back in Chinatown! My grandmother was born in a Chinatown loft (which is now Soullenz Gallery) in 1917, above the old family store. Without mixed-use development, I wouldn't be here today:
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