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August 15 to 22, 2004
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Idea of the Week: Nature Cemeteries

What a great concept: there's less cost and waste for the industry, there's a pent-up demand, land is conserved (and preserved), and it's cheaper for consumers. Perfect for places with lots of conservation land and dense populations. Cremation is polluting and less intimate. And why be buried in an expensive, non-biodegradable box? Weren't people buried this way once? Here's how one California company is doing it:
Save Kaimana Beach!
Everything you wanted to know about the Natatorium fiasco:
I was in line at the Kalihi DMV for two hours getting a replacement license. Three of six clerks are working, and those working spend about 30 seconds each transaction just retrieving paper-based files from massive cabinets. When there are 50 people ahead of you, it adds up. Apparently the state isn't sure if digital records are legal yet. How about taking some lessons from California's DMV, perhaps one day using self-service kiosks?
New Tech
Movie Studios Lose In Case Against File-Sharing Apps
Yay! Now developers are more free to make truly revolutionary, innovation-promoting technology:
The first invisible barcode system, using spray-on DNA-encapsulated inorganic nanomaterial (whew):
Nanotech funding grows to $8.6 billion. Hype, or not?
FedEx Kinko's debuts Web-based job uploads. I didn't test it too much, but it seems to work with Safari:
Modern Life
Me and my friends recently switched from T-Mobile due to lousy service. Here's another sad customer:
Bruce Sterling gives another great, funny speech about the future of products - Blobjects! Are you a Gizmo user, or a Spime Wrangler?
Unpatched PCs are compromised in 20 minutes. Someone should make a tiny USB-powered firewall device for upgrading PCs!
"Broadband users a majority in U.S."
Startups should be thinking about developing high-bandwidth applications:
Cell phone users are using their cameras in store to copy textbooks:
The Olympics is selling a lot less tickets than desired:
Got an underperforming theater in your town? Make big bucks by using it for video gaming:
Terrorism and You
"If the US Wants to Restore Confidence in Its Voting System It Must Learn Lessons from the Recent Elections in Venezuela":
$8.8 billion of U.S. taxpayer dollars gone missing in Iraq - *poof* just like that:
One thousands words on our era's war crime image. Insightful:
It's a shame when the people that live in paradise end up polluting it. 45% of beach trash comes from Hawai'i:
Hawaii lumber should be sustainable, especially these days when housing materials are in such demand! The HI Lumber Products Association launches a site:
The certification program they promote, SFI, "falls far short". "Virtually any timber company could meet SFI's weak standards":
Instead, they should highlight suppliers with FSC certified lumber and promote FSC certification for Hawaii's lumber industry:
From a Southern California architectural tour:
This house was transformed from a 3rd-gen gang house to a "tropical paradise". Why not do it in Hawaii?
Instead of creative development, we have absentee landowners:
An update on the MD280 modular dwelling. Put two together, and it's not a bad place for a small family:
More population shifts. The world's changing!
A new business model for healthcare: "same-day" doctors:
Doctors discuss the link between birth month and illness. February babies have a higher risk of schizophrenia!
Art from 1920's Japanese children's books. Nice Web design here, too, despite tiny text:
Make your own mathematical fidget-toy from paper:
The smallest guitar amplifier:
RIAA lawsuits causing agony, "unexpected twists":
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