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August 22 to 29, 2004
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All about the Hawaii Superferry, which starts service in 2006 and will change island life as we know it:
Superferry CEO Tim Dick will be speaking at the Plaza Club on September 15th:
New Tech
"RSS Attracts Really Serious Money"
RSS is becoming a hot technology these days!
A new p2p network allows hospitals to share patient information:
The world's first movie recording on a preformatted holographic disc:
The world's smallest optical zoom digital camera, using the new ceramic lens technology:
Finally, Coke vending machine offers cashless purchases via cell phones:
Five photons have been linked in an milestone experiment that will lead to full-scale quantum computing:
Windows Sucks
A new Windows worm has the ability to spy on users with webcams and microphones:
Microsoft's Spanish version of Windows XP translated "woman" as "bitch". Users unamused:
Famous tech writer John C. Dvorak calls for the death of Microsoft Word:
Even Windows' recent Service Pack 2 is insecure:
Modern Life
"We're Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore"
By Garrison Keillor
Thanks to automatic bill-paying, a man lay dead in his bed for two years before being discovered:
Terrorism and You
A new poll shows growing support for voter-verified paper trails in elections:
AI algorithms can take a trail of where you've been and determine regular and irregular activities:
It costs the U.S. Government $6.5 billion a year just to keep things secret. 90% of those things shouldn't be:
An experiment reviving coral reefs with low-voltage electrical current receives "remarkable results":
Enterprise housing - creating affordable, sustainable housing in urban, mixed-use environments:
New ventures try to generate electricity from sea power with wave turbines:
"Breakthrough reached in fight against fruit fly":
The first interior commercial space in Hawaii to get gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council:
A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
Where did they come up with these names?
The groovy Web sites and photography of Sacha Dean Bryan:
Yay! "This Land Is Your Land" is actually in the public domain!
A Rolling Stone report on Clear Channel, which owns 70% of live events in the U.S.:
Apple now offers songs in bulk via their volume discount program:
The hauntingly beautiful songwriting and sounds of Jolie Holland, ex-Be Good Tanyas member. Her demo album was lauded as among the best of 2003:
The White Stripes' guitarist Jack White teamed up with Loretta Lynn to launch what some are calling the best album of her career - and it may change the sound of modern country towards alternative and punk:
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