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August 30 to September 5, 2004
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Happy Labor Day!
Last year's Labor Day vigil at the sacred hill Pu'u Ohau, at the edge of the unfinished elite Hokulia estate and golf course development on top of ancient Hawaiian burial grounds. Kupunas called "devil worshippers" by a development representative:
"Despite a strong state economy, the homeless rate in Hawaii has nearly doubled over the past four years, and the majority of the new homeless are native Hawaiians and those with some Hawaiian ancestry":
Isn't it funny that the Superferry sports an array of high-tech gadgets - and two human observers - to do nothing but ensure that whales are avoided at all costs...
...yet links between the indiscriminate use of military sonar and mass whale beachings continue to appear?
Dates of public hearings on the sale of Verizon Hawaii to The Carlyle Group:
Some facts on The Carlyle Group from the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11":
Disney creates a revolution in fireworks by creating a compressed air launching system. Air-launched fireworks are more precise, less polluting, safer, and can be launched higher. How about using this system at Magic Island off of Waikiki, where fireworks are launched every week?
New Tech
Skype, the most popular Voice Over IP (VOIP) app, is now available for Mac OSX! Talk to friends around the world for free using your Internet connection:
Scientists are learning how to harness photosynthetic bacteria in solar cells:
The first room temperature plastic magnets are created:
Revolutionary lens implants for the severely nearsighted are expected to receive FDA approval soon:
The world's smallest atomic clock will lead to devices with super-accurate time everywhere (1 second is lost every 300 years), affecting cryptography, global communications, etc.:
Pictures at the bottom of this page:
The basis for a new breed of software: "Exploring Social Networks with Pattern Discovery Algorithms":
The world's first detailed view (and reconstruction) of an Egyptian mummy's face, without disturbing the wrappings, thanks to multidetector computed tomography:
Modern Life
Jewish groups are up in arms about the Christian cross-like podium at the Republican National Convention:
Do these look like crosses to you?
Outsourcing Greed
This was popular: 3 killed, 17 injured in Saudi Arabia at a stampede for discounts at an IKEA store:
A Wal-Mart is built in the shadow of the great pyramids at Teotihuacan, causing uproar:
Over the last 20 years 4,000 corrupt Chinese officials have fled with over $600 million:
From May to July the U.S. produced 86% of the worldwide volume of spam:
32,000 cell phone towers in the U.S. are disguised as fake trees. Here's an amazing gallery of them:
The city of Philadelphia is considering providing free or cheap wireless Internet access to everybody:
Free, unedited, translated daily TV news programs from the Middle East:
Are you an inefficient hypertasker? Workplace pressures, inadequate tools cause stress. I say this is a technology problem, not a brain problem:
Terrorism and You
This week's 12 and 16-year-olds marked as terrorists and apprehended by the Secret Service:
The average Briton is scrutinized by 300 security cameras a day:
Melbourne scientists say they've developed a cure for malaria:
"What is the face of this place?"
Hundreds of people from different world regions are morphed into one, highlighting differences as well as similarities:
Do you like Jim Woodring's surreal comic Frank? Here's the first animated short based on same:
Watch the fascinating evolution of 100 years of Olympic poster design:
3D printed furniture that mimics biological structures. A sign of unique 21st century design!
For Web developers-ten CSS tricks you may not know:
"BMI posts record year, despite music industry doom and gloom":
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