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September 13 to 19, 2004
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A new travel survey "found Hawaii consistently fell below most competitor destinations in offering good value for the money and unspoiled beauty. Also, Japanese visitors did not view the islands as having an intriguing culture or history."
The Kona community pushes back against out-of-control, monolithic development:
Does anyone know of space for a gymnastics program that "put 11 kids on the national team last year"?
New Tech
Ditch buggy Internet Explorer! Spread Firefox!
Has this startup developed the universal computer emulator?
A new radio modem is the size of a credit card and allows encrypted communications with a 40 mile range:
A great tool for moving - the shoulder dolly:
Modern Life
PCs are getting hotter and hotter as their complexity and power consumption increases:
Chinese net surfers are creating a new language, a mix of Chinese and English:
The Oprah car giveaway made a lot of money for GM. It's a sign of new types of promotions to come!
Photographer Lisa Law's journey through the 60's:
Bill Moyers, three months away from retirement, reflects on a revolutionary life in journalism:
One show he worked on - here you can learn about all the toxic items around your house that leech into your bloodstream:
Terrorism and You
Why are political polls "a sham"? First, they don't call people with cell phones:
Second, they make unfounded assumptions:
"While a student at Southern Methodist University in the 1960s, first lady Laura Bush was known 'as a go-to girl for dime bags of marijuana.'"
Kitty Kelley's new expose on the Bush dynasty pulls few punches:
Get the original interview footage for the movie "Outfoxed" here:
Spreading political activism in Colombia via dynamic low-power radio networks on bikes:
The Olsen twins, one of which was recently treated for an eating disorder, are now promoting McDonald's happy meals in France:
About the horrible pollution and cancer-causing rivers in China:
More links to ecological burial resources:
A new truck gets 7 miles to the gallon:
"What the Bleep Do We Know?!"
Is this movie nothing more than a shameless ad for an obscure cult?
Over 1,000 great (jazz) album covers:
Print-on-demand custom wallpaper:
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