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September 20 to 26, 2004
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It takes a lot of energy and money to send Oahu's garbage to the mainland. Rather than spreading our trash around the planet, are there better alternatives?
The popular Kaimuki neighborhood trolley service ends. There's nothing wrong with more bus lines, but now there's less character, no open-air transportation with wide views, and less fun for tourists and locals:
Hawaii's special-effects industry has some heavy hitters. Kai Bovaird, who set up a local shop, made effects for the Matrix. "There's definitely skilled people (in Hawaii) but you need serious and aggressive action by people with a lot of money to get things started":
New Tech
PC Magazine and Time give the new G5 iMac top ratings and reviews, named "Gadget of the Week":
Autopsies of the future may require less surgical probing, thanks to CT/MRI scanning:
IBM scientists figure out how to make single-atom magnetic measurements, possibly leading to super-dense storage media:
How the iPod's scrollwheel was made (not by Apple):
A new permanent coating prevents glass from fogging up and can make solar cells more efficient:
The first dental chair to use bone-conducting speakers, preventing patients from drill noises:
New pressure-sensor arrays can give robots "skin":
Modern Life
Don't say "offshoring" anymore - the politically correct term is "global sourcing":
The first half of 2004 saw 5,000 new Windows viruses:
Researchers are studying net viruses using methods used to study human epidemics:
Due to high-priced dorms, Berkeley students are finding it cheaper to rent mansions:
In response to online classifieds, newspapers are holding their own local auctions:
Terrorism and You
Bombing unarmed civilians in Fallujah - the video:
Jimmy Swaggart talks about killing gays, drawing "laughter and applause" from the congregation:
Since 1980, sales of presidential masks have predicted the election correctly:
Discovery - morphine occurs naturally in the brain:
A part of the brain that removes fear has been found:
A new report finds that wood is one of the most environmentally-sensitive building materials:
Option, a new mini enviro-friendly prefab house:
Also, the Spacebox, completely self-contained stackable units with kitchen, shower, and toilet:
Researchers are finding ways to reduce buckyball toxicity:
Refer to this older article - "Nanotech buckyballs kill fish":
The state-of-the-art in scientific visualization:
Time-lapse road trip - LA to New York in five minutes:
"3 Myths About the Recording Industry Debunked"
A new business model for artists! Green Day sells blank recordable CD-Rs with album designs:
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