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September 27 to October 3, 2004
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Hart Intercivic makes those evoting machines that people in Hawaii will be using in the upcoming general election. Here's a recent article about a letter written by a former Hart technician who alleges "criminal fraud" and "extreme negligence", as well as misleading conduct. These machines are currently used only in Ohio, Texas, and Hawaii:
Also, a court rules that posting voting machine flaws are not DMCA violations but are instead "an important part of the public debate":
By the way, a Diebold representative now is an elections manager in California:
Suburbia is a health hazard - a new study has found that not only are people less healthy due to overdependence on cars, but from a community design perspective, it's a very inefficient way to live. It's making less sense to place mass single-use residential zones far, far away from resources:
"Driven to death":
An upcoming documentary, "The End of Suburbia":
New Tech
Future four-layer DVDs could hold 1,000 gigabytes:
Inside the recently upgraded world's third-most-powerful supercomputer at Virginia Tech (it's also powered by Mac OSX):
Telcos' latest shot in the broadband war - TV over phone lines:
Cancel your phone and cable TV - start a wireless neighborhood network!
Modern Life
Surprise of the Week: having money doesn't make you happy (and it doesn't build strong societies either):
A Microsoft server crash almost causes a 800-plane pile-up:
"Daily Show" viewers are more college-educated than "O'Reilly Factor" viewers:
Digital print-on-demand bookmobiles are helping out kids in Third World countries:
Terrorism and You
"Something Bad Has Begun"
Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) tells his side of the story:
RNC mass mailings suggest that Democrats would ban the Bible:
Here's what the mailer looked like:
"Would You, as a Human Being, be Willing to Shake Hands with a Jew?":
"What a Top Reporter in Baghdad Really Thinks About the War":
"Baghdad Car Bombs Kill 34 Children Receiving Sweets":
"How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power"
"Greenlanders Mystified by Incredible Shrinking Glacier":
California mandates free cell phone recycling. Every state should pass such a bill:
Is "small plate dining" the next American eating trend?
Sweden gets its share of devastating weather:
The "How Berkeley Can You Be?" parade. Note: not for the timid - this is life at its messiest! Art cars, nudists, communists, Trekkies, Tibetans, more:
The 2004 Ig Nobel Prize Winners - including "The Effect of Country Music on Suicide":
A beautiful contemporary mobile home:
Incredible photorealistic art made with Adobe Illustrator, complete with how-tos:
Pioneering electronic art from Sweden, 1960 to 1980:
The latest, greatest singer/songwriters play the Hotel Cafe. Check out the CD!
Sarah McLachlan's video "World On Fire" breaks down the cost of making a music video vs. contributing to charities:
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