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October 4 to 10, 2004
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The super-cute high-tech $13,000 Smart Fortwo, although now only offered in Europe, would be a perfect car for island tourists - it gets up to 71 miles per gallon on a 9 gallon tank and you can park three in a single standard parking space. Note that it only has slightly over half the torque of a Honda Civic, so you don't want to try driving it up steep hills:
Most visitors to Hawaii come in twos and stay on one island. Why not provide an alternative to space-hogging rental cars in Waikiki? And you could fit a lot more of these things on the upcoming Superferry and drive around the islands without needing to refuel:
The State of Hawaii just launched the "Hawai'i Business Express", which allows one to start a business easily online via all the relevant departments. Unfortunately, ending a business is still a multi-department paper-based process:
New Tech
New nanoswitches could revolutionize data storage:
With this application and a GPS-enabled phone, you can walk around town and see which places are contributing money to which political parties. Get a rough idea of the political leanings and wealth of your neighborhood:
Finally, a startup uses BitTorrent-like tech for online movies:
Electricity-conducting plastic means lighter, smaller gadgets:
Podcasting puts audio content you want to hear on your iPod. One day you can podcast Howard Stern from XM Radio!
The RadioSHARK does for radio what ReplayTV and Tivo did for television. Here's a rave review:
Modern Life
"The Long Tail"
More money can be made by unpopular media than by popular media. Here's how the net is changing the nature of what "popular" means. Highly recommended reading!
Some recent 360-degree panoramas. Here's ground zero in NY:
Here's Burning Man:
Now steering wheel locks can be opened with Bic ballpoint pens... I have a feeling this entire class of lock is vulnerable:
Terrorism and You
"A senior U.S. military intelligence officer says that information obtained from prisoners at Guantanamo has proved useless in the war on terror":
"George W. Bush - Keeping America Scared":
"G.W. & Crew - Flip Flop":
Even if you don't like the content, the quote at the end is the best:
Another proposal for plasma arc/gasification technology in Hawaii. Could it solve Oahu's "landfill crisis"?
More news on efforts to restore coral reefs via low voltage currents, and sad statistics on worldwide coral deaths:
A team of high school students create a hydrogen truck powered on nothing but sunlight and water:
The world's largest wind power project starts near Beijing:
A rapid body temperature cooling device may help improve athletic performance. My friend at IDEO helped design this a few years ago:
What were the candidates scribbling on during the Presidential debates? Here's Bush's notepad:
Here's Kerry's:
Use Windows and make a name for yourself! Regarding last week's item "Microsoft server crash nearly causes 800-plan pile-up":
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