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October 11 to 17, 2004
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New Tech
Segway's four-wheel Centaur concept:
It's been a while since a Hawaii-based tech company made big news - CherryOS (based on Maui) touts a MacOSX emulator for PCs, and their Web site is getting slammed:
Could it all be a hoax though?
"Tutorial D" looks like a great replacement for the aging, flawed SQL database language. I hope it takes off!
The first hotel with iris identification. One day you'll just walk into your room, no check-in needed!
Adam Rifkin's great summary of the recent Web 2.0 conference:
The Web 2.0 presentations are here:
Is this the beginning of "jacking into cyberspace"?
Advertising is coming to RSS feeds near you. If you're putting ads in RSS, don't overdo it!
Modern Life
"Center for the Digital Future Identifies the 10 Major Trends Emerging in the Internetís First Decade of Public Use" - TV down, net up, averaging 12.5 hrs/week:
"Alarming trend in spyware could undermine IT industry"
I think I got a spyware popup on this page:
A great interview with Steve Jobs on true innovation:
On Columbus Day, history professors relate Columbus' cruel history:
CARLSON: You need to get a job at a journalism school... STEWART: You need to go to one. Jon Stewart blasts big media on "Crossfire":
Terrorism and You
19-year-old Derek's "King George" sticker on his Grand Am got him a date with the Secret Service:
Printer forensics can now trace documents to specific (laser) printers:
"1/3 of the world's frogs, toads and newts are on the brink of extinction", thanks to pollution:
The average mpg of a 40-foot Gillig Phantom bus, used in Honolulu: about 4. The average mpg of a hybrid-diesel bus used in Seattle: 7.5.
"McDonald's Losing Revenue in World-Wide Market"
If you turn off JavaScript you don't have to register:
An astute reader points out that hyaluronic acid, which has been touted as an "anti-aging remedy", is found in taro (used for poi, the Hawaiian food staple). Here's the connection to a long-lived Japanese village, where more live beyond 85 than anywhere else in the U.S.:
The American health care system continues to flounder, with employer insurance increasing 11% in 2004:
Can nanofiltration solve the world's water problems?
Cultural (read: advertising) messages affect sensory perception:
How Nobel-prize winner Wangari Maathai overcame beatings and jail to empower women to plant trees in Kenya. 30 million trees later, here is her story:
More on Wal-Mart vs. the Pyramids - workers told to hide archaeological relics they found:
In related news, 44 native remains found on the new Wal-Mart location in Honolulu await reburial:
Transparent ventilator bricks keep 85% of noise out:
Crate & Barrel switches to "Geami", a new tissue-based biodegradable, recyclable, efficient packing material:
Absolutely beautiful photography at File Magazine:
"The Sad Song"
Is this a new art form? A beautiful music video created with digital still camera movies:
For its 150th anniversary, Timex created a design competition for future timekeeping concepts. Here are the winners:
My favorite is the Sticker Watch:
A design analysis of Kerry and Bush's campaign logos. I agree, the Kerry design looks wimpy and old school:
Wal-Mart is battling the biggest labels over CD prices. This is basically a lose-lose-lose-lose situation here... Wal-Mart drives the music industry, labels get squeezed, consumers get less choice, musicians make even less:
A good idea - lease satellite radio feeds and bring the public back into radio:
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