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October 18 to 24, 2004
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Re-establishing the Ancient Internet
After decades of continuous military bombing since World War II, the freed island of Kahoolawe is re-established as a native navigational center and crossroads "connecting Hawaiians to the ancestral homeland, Tahiti". Kahoolawe was named after Kanaloa, the god of the ocean (and thus, of navigation). In this sense, it was of one of the earliest and most remote nodes in humankind's global communications network. May it continue to serve as a waystation for linking humanity:
New Tech
San Francisco sets the goal of providing everyone in the city free wireless access:
New printable RFID labels meet Wal-Mart requirements:
USB flash drives with a thumbprint reader:
USB flash drives that can copy without a PC:
An HDTV PCMCIA card, with folding antenna:
Ever needed a private room for adults? Yamaha's got one:
Modern Life
A pro-evoting industry group blames humans for errors. Along these lines, it's your fault every time your PC crashes, too:
UK Guardian readers write to undecided voters in Clark County, Ohio to persuade them not to vote for Bush. A slew of hilarious, vile, and thoughtful letters return:
The original letter that was sent:
The median net worth of white households: $88,651. That of African-Americans: $5,988.
R.I.P. shirts are popular in high-homicide areas, where rappers wear shirts with the names and photos of victims they don't even know:
Like Woody Guthrie, here's the ugly story of the exploitation of Rosa Park's image and legacy:
According to a survey of 81 countries, Russians are the most miserable people in the world. The U.S. ranks 15th:
"Microsoft's Worst Nightmare"
About Blake Ross, the 19-year-old lead architect of Firefox, the browser downloaded by almost 3 million:
"The Man Who Could Have Been Bill Gates"
The tragic story of Gary Kildall:
The Air Force traces a distress signal to a faulty TV:
Terrorism and You
Nat'l Geographic survey - less than 15% of U.S. 18-to-24 year olds can locate Iraq on a map:
Indymedia is still no closer to figuring out who seized their servers via subpoena two weeks ago:
"Humans Aren't So Complicated"
Turns out humans have less than 25,000 genes, "about the same as a mustard green":
"World Living Beyond Its Environmental Means":
Once the Yucca Mountain 40,000-year nuclear waste repository opens in 2010, it will be 1/3 smaller than needed to store all the accumulated waste by then:
Warm offices are linked to higher productivity:
"Scientists are developing a pill to reduce the terror of a traumatic event":
Five trips that can change your life, part five - volunteer vacations:
A living neural network taken from a rat's brain interacts with an F-22 fighter jet flight simulator:
Researchers develop an electronic replacement rat neuron that works "with a 95% accuracy rate":
The photojournal of a modern geisha in Kyoto:
"If Architects Had To Work Like Web Designers..."
ASCAP seals a huge deal to "let stations legally stream their on-air content over the "Internet":
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