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October 25 to 31, 2004
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Ready for the election? "Tight race turns world spotlight on Hawaii":
"Don't let faith dictate your vote":
"No Longer a Christian":
"Why I believe in our president":
"Administration's own actions fuel rumors of draft":
"GOP Pressures Rock the Vote to Stop Talking About the Draft":
The draft - frequently asked questions:
Eminem's "Mosh" music video - could it be one of the "most overtly political pop videos ever produced?" Note that Eminem has sold over 25 million albums:
Some commentary on the video:
Yes, the same Hart eSlate voting machines used in Hawaii caused Democratic votes to turn into Republican ones in Austin, Texas:
Proper evoting system usability means much more than just looking at the voting process alone. Here's the informal usability report I prepared on the eSlate system in September 2004:
New Tech
The first spring water to be packaged in a compostable bottle. We need more biodegradable packaging!
New gold CD-Rs are said to last 300 years:
The first CD/DVD hybrid discs appear in stores:
Watch your local TV stations from anywhere in the world:
Modern Life
Wow! The Honolulu Wal-Mart issue actually got some air time on "The Daily Show" (video clip):
The First Networked Open Source Community?
Burt Lum has a great post regarding his trip to Kaho`olawe - people from the other islands gather at Kaho`olawe's highest peak to contribute offerings - "what you give you will receive in return, 10 fold":
Last week's related post:
Spyware is on 80% of PCs, viruses on 20%. But 77% of people think they're safe. Is this the same 80% that think evoting is secure, despite expert evidence?
Will the Internet give birth to the "creative generation"?
LCD sales are expected to rise by a factor of 10 before 2010:
A cool way to visualize ZIP code regions:
Terrorism and You
What We Actually Have In Common Dept.
Here's a list of "human universals":
Yes, the U.S. knows where Osama is. And he's still getting "only" $1 million a year from his family:
Homeland Security agents bust a toy store this time:
"Technology used to track down Al-Qaeda terrorists is being offered to employers as a means of stamping out... abusive behaviour in the workplace":
Who Plays Osama?
This was all over the blogosphere, but pretty funny:
"Energy and America's Future"
A great three-part series from the SF Chronicle:
"New report warns of pace of Arctic climate change":
Guess we'll all be eating squid in the future. There are more squids than humans by biomass now, thanks to overfishing and climate change:
A new prototype medical robot that's supposed to crawl through your intestines? Seems a little hard to swallow:
Dead things are a core part of the ecosystem. But many forests are in trouble due to excessive dead wood removal:
New no-frills hotels are coming - only $10 a night:
About Clearview, the new clearer, usable typeface that will be used on all Federal road signage. Ask your state to adopt it!
Planning a Critical Mass bike ride? Here's strategies you can use to help stop police harrassment:
New autostitching algorithms make seamless panoramas a snap. Now will someone please make a Photoshop plug-in or simple OSX GUI for this?
Some cable companies now broadcast signals that prevent you from making copies of recordings:
A series of funny, thoughtful short films about people and technology:
The great history of Sun Studio, the most influential recording studio ever:
A new singing contest in Korea has entrants auditioning using their cell phones. I hope entries are well-received:
The RIAA issues its first gold, platinum, and multiplatinum certifications for digitally downloaded music:
Billboard Magazine starts a new chart for top ringtones:
The rock band Marillion asked online fans to contribute money towards new albums - and has raised almost $1 million so far:
Publish your Creative Commons-licensed audio or video with this app and have it hosted automatically by the Internet Archive, which has massive amounts of bandwidth:
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