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Architects Are Really Poor Web Designers
I came across this link on the "sea ranch cabin":
I really like the design sense of the architects behind it, but am continually frustrated by the design of architects' Web sites. Architects typically have the least usable sites on the Internet - they're full of Flash and require way too many clicks and motions to get to the real content - which is usually obscured by fancy, obtuse navigational elements. If I'm a potential client, I want to be able to save images and content-specific URLs for future reference. I want to be able to get to past works quickly and navigate the portfolio easily. I want to know exactly what the firm has done in the past, and what their credentials and press are. I don't need or want fades, dissolves, animation, or background audio. Is this so hard? Earlier this week there was a popular link to the top usability issues of musicians' sites - which are generally just as bad for the same reasons. Architects need to put as much attention into the usability of their information as they do their physical structures:
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