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February 2 to 8, 2004
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Let's start with some fun stuff this week!

This French performer attaches dozens of horns to his jumpsuit and proceeds to play classical music:
A new art form! Combine caroling with shouting - and you have this Finnish group of men that wears black suits with ties made of car tires:
Modern Life
Advertisers are now using MRIs to correlate image affinity to brain activity: "Big government and big companies have been trying to manipulate us since the start of time," [says a study volunteer]. "What's different about this?"
The market for luxury cars (which cost up to $1 million) is booming nationwide. "There are more rich people every day, and the spread between the people who have money and those who don't is getting greater," says Aaron Robinson, technical editor of "Car and Driver" magazine.

"So the prices, which seem ridiculous to 99 percent of the population, are not."
New Tech
A California bill has been signed to invest $3.7 billion in the next four years in nanotech research:
Nanotech thinkers fear the "gray goo" syndrome, where a nanotech product may go haywire and begin disassembling all nearby matter into goo, the nanotech equivalent of a nuclear meltdown. One smart guy thinks that the notion of disassembly should be built into every nanotech product:
The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has a nice article on this year's dream engineering jobs. They interview the guy who made Sony's jumping robots, but the real story is about HECO's Karl Stahlkopf, who's working on the business plan for rolling out commercial Internet access over power line services in Honolulu.
A town-wide high-speed net-over-power-line system is being pioneered in Canada...
A new paint eats smog for five years - it's been shown to reduce pollution up to 60 percent at street level:
Make an efficient, cheap camping stove out of aluminum cans:
The latest in modernist prefabricated housing, where you can purchase a beautiful, open wooden contemporary house kit for $100,000:
"A New Kind of Science", a 900-page book on how complex systems can rise from the most basic rules, now can be browsed online for free:
The image of Buddha, automatically generated by a simple mathematical algorithm that plots points on the real and imaginary planes:
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